Ursula Medley

Artist Statement.

Ursula Medley’s work comes from direct doing and seeing, with a consciousness of nature’s rhythms. Her subject matter is inspired by the natural world, by friends and by the environment around her.
She is a passionate art educator, gardener and artist mentor offering painting classes at her
beachside studio and art adventure tours around the world.

Media Used: Oil painting: landscape, figure, floral

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Studio location: 10989 Dunlop Road (Off Phillips Road in Lang Bay)
Accessibility: Somewhat accessible.

Open Hours

  • Sat Aug. 28, Sun. Aug 29 Times: 10AM-3PM
  • Mon Aug. 30 at 12-3PM
  • Tues Aug. 31 at 12-3PM
  • Wed Sept. 1 at 12-3PM
  • Thurs Sept. 2 at 12-3PM
  • Fri Sept. 3 at 12-3PM
  • Sat Sept. 4 at 12-3PM
  • Sun Sept. 5 at 12-3PM

Appointments: 604.223.0448

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