Rare Earth Pottery

Jan Lovewell
Ron Robb


Rare Earth Studio

Artists’ Statement.

Rare Earth Pottery (Jan Lovewell and Ron Robb) It’s all about beauty; living with beauty, creating beauty, sending beautiful objects into people’s homes. We surrender our forms to the fires – raku or wood – colors and surfaces inducing reverie.

Media Used:  Raku and wood-fired pottery, functional and sculptural
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Studio location: 9644 Quarry Place, Lund, BC
Accessibility: Partly accessible steep paved driveway, parking right in front of the gallery and no steps, normal door width and no washroom

Open Hours

  • Sat Aug. 28: 10AM-5PM
  • Sun Aug. 29: 11AM-4PM
  • Thurs Sept. 2 to Sat Sept 4: 10AM-4PM
  • Sun Sept. 5: 11AM-4PM

Appointments: 604.483.4806 The difficulty is cell phone service in Lund is iffy at best. The studio can only accommodate 1 or 2 visitors at a time, from the same household

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