Gallery In Memory of Adam Cramb

(Click on the gallery pictures to see full view of the piece, and scrolling gallery format)

Adam Cramb was a true Powell River artist, and will be missed. He was a curator for Malaspina Art Society and worked in many different media, including painting, collage, 3-d work, graffiti, fibre arts, music, poetry, performance, photography and video. He sadly passed away in September 2020. This gallery exists to display his work – if you own a piece (or more) by Adam please feel free to add to the gallery by emailing a picture of Adam’s work (implied permission to display online) to Giovanni Spezzacatena who is maintaining this ongoing project at – details on the work (title, date, …) appreciated.

– Powell River Peak 2017 article on Cramb a website Adam (aka DES) was working on a while back with some photos and animations, and his Instagram account. Adam’s obituary.