MAS News: Art Exhibitions Return at VIU Powell River, with Rabideye’s DAMAGE NOTED – starts Nov. 3

Presented through Malaspina Art Society.

Excerpt from exhibition notes

The title of this show, ‘Damage Noted’, is a reference to a term that librarians use to stamp onto books that have undergone damage, but are either still in circulation, headed for repair or destined to be destroyed. Within this context, the ‘Noted’ aspect is meant to dissuade further complaints from patrons regarding the state of the books, as an acknowledgment and mea culpa. Many of the works also contain collage elements and bits of type taken from destroyed books. That said, the title is open to interpretation here beyond this narrow meaning, as it can refer to damage self-inflicted or inflicted upon ourselves as a species  or as individuals  (as through the Covid-19 pandemic affected our physical bodies, our mental states, and our livelihoods), to our environment, physical bodies and minds where the act of living and time leaves its marks and as we grow (and grow older) and change to adapt to our changing contexts. 

In fact this is the process by which these pieces were produced: with little preconception, except for the most basic DNA of any given piece (basic size, materials, selection of colour, shapes and composition). The initial sharp edges of the underpainting are then introduced to heat, stress and chemical changes where the work is transformed quasi-randomly to produce new surfaces through which the artist reinterprets the piece based on previous actions and natural processes. Eventually the work is considered complete, even as often certain aspects such as patinas or rust will continue to work upon certain pieces, indefinitely. 

Most of the work presented in Damage Noted are available for purchase… As-is.  😉


Rabideye is thankful to live in the qathet region, traditional land of the Tla’Amin First Nation. He produces art, food gardens, art exhibitions, web media  design and illustrations (also for hire), and a free 1 hour weekly dance music podcast. He is currently involved in producing Augmented Reality (AR) works that take these aesthetic and philosophical concerns to another level, bridging a formal interest in animation, interactivity, and audio-visual design. A BC Arts Council Pivot grant has enabled him to offer two AR workshops that will be offered to the public in early to mid December at The Art Centre Public Gallery. 

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