MAS News: WTP+ Call for Submissions to the QR Zine!

The Art Centre Public Gallery Presents
Challenge to Choose

Final week! Tues, Thurs, Sat 12-5PM – exhibition ends May 29, 2021


PLEASE CONTRIBUTE to our QR Zine, open to LGBTQ2S+ and allied anywhere! Just email your content (drawings, doodles, photos, designs, online content, writing of all kinds (but short) or questions to by June 15, 2021 to be included in the zine!

More details at

Excerpt from the what the plus blog:

Our What the Plus (+) 2021 themed show this year celebrates the queer self-portrait, as a way to further develop our local LGBTQS2+ conversation begun last year, as we strive toward greater visibility and understanding. 

Self-portraiture holds a particular place in the history of the visual arts, with artists revealing themselves at work, leisure, or play, at different ages and stages in life, in elaborate costumes and roles, and even as unacknowledged guests in works otherwise concerned with other matters: as extras in their own productions.

Ranging from the defiant mug shot, to the floridly theatrical, to different levels of abstraction, creative self portraiture can provide everything from an exclusive peek at the wizard behind the curtain, to a play on the very impossibility of a fixed, or even revealable identity, made all the more pronounced when the artist’s own physical body does not match their true felt gender.

Exuberant queer self-representation, both in art and in daily life, is a political act, and partly a reaction to (and a result of) being an invisible minority that only becomes visible upon its actively ‘acting out’ its personal truths and desires. Passing as straight at least some of the time, is still the norm, especially where gender non-conformity is cause for alarm, derision, rejection and even violence.

When queer identity does emerge, it may do so not only through our art, words and relationships, but through clothing choices, body sculpting and adornment, as well as surgical modifications. These actions serve to transform our outer selves to be more in tune with our inner selves; to feel comfortable in our own skin, and to ‘find the others’.

LGBTQ2S+ self-portraiture is then not a narcissistic exercise where we inevitably end up revealing what amounts to a cartoon sketch of ourselves: a suspect document rife with performance, lies and wishful thinking. But it is here– between the lines of text, musical notes, brush strokes or film frames, and underneath the make-up, clothes, tattoos or jewellery, that the truth is revealed. It’s perhaps not so much the visual representation of the artist itself within a self-portrait that reveals the subject, but the creative choices they made to get there.

If you are a creative ally of the LGBTQ2S+ community, please do submit to our community QR zine- fid out more here.

-Giovanni Spezzacatena (Rabideye) curator of What the Plus (+)

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