MAS News: qathet Studio Tour Register until May 15

About the qathet region Studio Tour


A project of the Malaspina Art Society, The yearly qathet region Studio Tour (formerly Powell River Studio Tour) usually takes place during the last weekend of August, but in 2021 it will be extended from August 28th – September 5th, 2021. 

Options will include these below: 

  • Regular drop in/drive by (ONLY if provincial health orders allow) please set aside Aug 28 and Aug 29 at least 12-3PM to be open if we are permitted by health orders to hold a ‘regular tour’.


    • OPTIONAL Virtual (online video) ‘Tours’ of your art/studio (Yes, there is help to have a “virtual you” captured if you want it) 
    • OPTIONAL In-person showings by appointment only on dates/times you decide between Aug 28-Sept 5
  • Mixture of these above
After several conversations with both the MAS Board of Directors and a great group of volunteers, we have decided to go ahead and hold Studio Tour 2021.  Of course we don’t know what will happen regarding visitors to our Studios, so we are planning to have a hybrid Tour – a blend of virtual visits with artists and in-person, by appointment.  


About Virtual Tours
These are Videos (vimeo and youtube for example) that are a wonderful platform for artists to use on social media and we feel that it is a great time to expand our skills and our online presence by moving to this media.  To give you a great example of how these can work we encourage you to watch the artists profiles for Studio Tour 2020 (scroll to the bottom of that page for samples; they have great hints on how to structure your virtual tour as well, above that).


Learn more about the videographer and her ‘What to expect’ information – tap here (2-page pdf)


We are making plans to have professional assistance… However this comes with a cost.  To give you options that include being on the regular tour as usual (or by appointment):*
  • If you wish to provide your own video or provide a selection of 12 images that can be made into a montage, registration will be $90, which is the regular studio tour fee now. ( Instructions regarding format for provided videos and images will be sent to you by separate email after the actual registration/payment is received).
  • If you wish to have our videographer come to your studio (or an agreed upon alternative) and produce a video for you, the registration will be $125 (you will have access to the video on your studio tour page and for use elsewhere, such as on your own website or social media).
*Regardless of which option you choose, you will have a distinct personal media page that will be available on this website ( ) and can be linked to your website, and vice versa.*
Expanded dates (now Aug 28-Sept 5, 2021)
The Tour dates have been expanded to allow for appointments.  Social media advertising will continue through the whole week, however you will choose the hours you wish to have visitors, as indicated in your registration and on your eventual dedicated web page linked to from this website (
We also listened to many of you regarding signage, and we will have additional “arrow” signs available to guide your visitors around the appropriate corners.

Registration deadline is May 15, 2021.

Check out our dedicated Facebook Page


The qathet Studio Tour, formerly the Powell River Studio Tour, has been a popular summer event for 15 years. Featuring artists from Lang Bay to Lund, the Tour, which is free and self-guided, allows visitors to see the diversity and excellence of the art community in the qathet region, and, as an added bonus the spectacular natural beauty that can be enjoyed along the way.

A free, colour brochure and map will be available in late July at local stores or it can be downloaded as a PDF file in June. Alternately, there is a customized Google map that can be used on a smart phone or connected tablet.

First organized in 2004 by well-known artist, Alfred Muma, the Tour has continued thanks to the efforts of volunteers and sponsors who believe our art community should be promoted. This year that effort has been undertaken by the Malaspina Arts Society.

Contact us at to sponsor the 2021 tour.

with support from BC Arts Council

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