Last chance to get your ‘Inter-tidal Impressions’ and/or ‘Art Under Lockdown’ piece in to the FREE and OPEN to all online group art exhibition and YOU CAN WIN ONE OF 2 OPUS art supplies gift certificates (selected from random applicants) HOW? fill out this form below and then Email an image of your art to 

Deadline: Tuesday June 2, 2020!

The planned Summer 2020 MAS Group Show “Intertidal Impressions” will go on, however with an ONLINE ART OPENING right here at and on MAS social media. There may be an in-person opening at the Exhibition Centre if there is interest, later on. Read on below the contact form below for details and idea-starters for the “Intertidal Impressions” show.

BUT wait, additionally, we will have a second online gallery ART UNDER LOCKDOWN, to display members’ work of any kind that is being produced during the COVID-19 lock down. You may submit to one or both of these online shows and it is free for any local artist to submit. 

To sweeten the deal we will offer two gift certificates for OPUS art supplies to randomly chosen artists from the submissions received!

  • The deadline to submit the image of your submitted work(s) is newly EXTENDED TO JUNE 2, 2020, via email to, along with the filled-in and submitted form below. If this form isn’t working for you, please just respond to the questions below via your email to
  • Image guidelines: Submissions to either online exhibition is open to all artists working in the qathet region- there is no fee to submit (but a limit of one piece per exhibition gallery: Intertidal Impressions and Art Under Lockdown, or submit one each)
    • All photos of artwork must be a good representation of the painting: Clean, in focus, with full painting captured (MAS can crop and resize if required).  Well lit, with no shadows.
    • Please use images that are between 1500 and 2500 pixels wide. Images smaller than 1500 pixels may appear blurry or pixelated.
    • Image files of around 500 KB for best results, max 2MB. Let us know if you need to send a larger file size or if you don’t know how to resize try these tools or contact

    • Images must the artists’ own work and not violate copyright and must comply with community standards. MAS reserves the right to select work submitted for the online galleries.
    • 100% of sales go directly to the artist as the artist is responsible for the transaction & delivery of work.
    • By signing this agreement below, you are agreeing to the terms of this document and that the work that is submitted is original and created by you.

BOTH ONLINE GALLERIES WILL BE PUBLISHED ON JUNE 4, 2020 on this site and on social media.

Intertidal Impressions: Exploring the space between land & sea through various media- The Malaspina Art Society’s Summer Group Show features qathet region artists exploring the changing sights, sounds, smells, motion, textures, plants and creatures of our northwest intertidal zones: the area of the marine shoreline that is exposed to air at low tide, and covered with seawater when the tide is high; its dynamic nature serving as a metaphor for resilience and adaptation.

  • Qathet Region artists are welcome to submit work in any medium reflecting the changing sights, sounds, smells, motion, textures and tastes of our northwest intertidal zones. The intertidal zone is the area of the marine shoreline that is exposed to air at low tide, and covered with seawater when the tide is high. Its resiliency and ever-changing nature can serve as a metaphor for visual, sound and text-based works. 
  • All the plants and animals that inhabit this zone are marine, but they have adapted to survive in this often challenging environment. At low tide they must be able to survive prolonged exposure to the air, large fluctuations in sun exposure and temperature, shifting salinity due to rain and snow or river run-off , extremes in wave action, as well as predation from land animals during low tide, and marine predators like sea stars and fish when the tide is in. 
  • Tide charts are here.
  • Short NFB film on intertidal zones 
  • Site with inspirational mixed media works on tidal zones

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