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FEBRUARY 13 through MAY 2020

 Malaspina Exhibition Centre, Vancouver Island University, 

7085 Nootka Street Powell River, BC 

Nina and her family have lived in Powell River since 1978, and she has been working with textiles as an art form since the early 1980’s. She has explored many styles and media in quilts and has worked tirelessly in the community  to elevate quilts above hobby status to a respected textile art form.

In this series she explores the use of scraps and colour.  Our modern textile industries make a profoundly negative impact on our environment with the enormous amounts of pollution created when flushing chemicals and dyes into our natural water systems. There is also ample documentation about the alarming mountains of textiles left over and tossed by the clothing industry and by a society voracious for novelty and ‘bargains’.

Nina has observed this trend in the quilting community as well, and is known by quilt friends as someone who will be happy to dive into their boxes of off-cut bits and pieces. She wholeheartedly believes that there is no really ugly or unusable fabric, you just haven’t cut it small enough yet, or paired it with just the right partner.